Quality policy

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bsiQuality policy

Customer satisfaction comes from the efforts of every employee.

  • The focus on creativity to establish our brand of furniture glass.
  • Raising customer satisfaction by increasing resource conformity.
  • Management simplification and employee autonomy.
  • Continuous improvement brings quality/efficiency enhancement.

Environmental Policy

We take our social responsibility seriously as well as keep our organization sustainable; therefore, we endeavor to improve our environmental management system.

We pledged that:

  1. We would do our best to treasure the resources and save the energy for our globe.
  2. We would do our best to continually improve our environmental protection works and prevent more pollution.
  3. We would do our best to follow the environmental protection codes and regulations as well as the industrial environmental standards.
  4. We would do our best on environmental protection education and the guidance; everyone participates in the environmental maintenance.
  5. We would do our best to communicate and interact with our partners, so that we altogether to create a better environmental for the next generation.

Occupational safety health policy

Our company focuses on our responsibility of ensuring the work place safety and hygiene, we continuously improve our work environment, so that we can provide a secure, health, and proper operational site, which also enhances our production efficiency.

  1. To establish a risk assessment and risk management system according to our company’s occupational safety and health standard.
  2. Continuously improving the safety and hygiene of our working environment
  3. Following the occupational safety and related laws and regulations.
  4. Applying documentary system and maintaining occupational safety and health management system.
  5. Educating the employees to understand the occupational safety and health management system.
  6. To enable and maintain the effectiveness of the occupational safety and health management system; to examine the performance of the occupational safety and health system regularly.
  7. To maintain zero work place accident.
  8. To prevent diseases and injuries.