Management Ideas

Taking root on Taiwan. Constructing a solid industrial foundation. Building a worldwide distribution network.

When established in 1943, TMG focused on manufacturing and processing of small glass panels. Later, it expanded beyond this initial stage to become a glass distributor specialized in trading glass raw materials with additional glass panel cutting services. Now, equipped with enhanced technology and automation, TMG has marched into a new arena. TMG is now a major multi-faceted supplier of a wide variety of glass products, including glass furniture, bathroom glass, engineering glass, and glass kitchenware. TMG’s clientele span all industrial sectors, including the glass industry, bathroom ware suppliers, construction companies, gift and craft manufacturers, and trading companies.

TMG has always believed in “Artistic Management, Technological Modernization, and Global Marketing.” TMG holds onto this spirit as our core management philosophy. We aim to conduct our internal management with a new mindset, combining the approaches of art and humanism. By introducing ever more sophisticated equipment, we keep ourselves in a leading position within the industry worldwide. We take it as our foremost goal technologically to surpass other advanced countries. Finally we hope to build a more beautiful Taiwan through our philosophy of sustainable management, our global distribution network, and our quality products, which we create through constant innovation, research, and development.